Personalized Trays, Sushi Sets and Charcuterie Serving Boards, Plus BYB Personalized Slumped Wine Bottles


There's nothing like a stunning handmade personalized fused glass serving dish to elevate your hosting style to new levels. These trays and boards are a show-stopper and certainly a conversation starter. Perfect for yourself or as a gift.

The Sushi Sets include 2 personalized sushi plates, 2 soy sauce dipping bowls, and 2 chopsticks holders.

These sets are fully customizable. Choose your favorite color or your friend’s colors for a unique gift to share.

Please take note that the Kiln Carved sets (with the writing carved into the glass), require transparent glass. You can choose the message or design carved into the glass

The images on the trays (boy, girl, dog) are custom-made to order and are priced separately.

Colors and designs are customizable.

* Some glass colors are more expensive than others, and some designs are more complicated to achieve. The final price of a custom set will depend on the color of the glass and the complexity of the design chosen by the client.

Imagine gifting someone his or her favorite wine bottle, as a personalized sign, paperweight, tray, cooking utensil holder, and more. All of those can be further personalized with a dedication or a personal message.

After the original flattening, the bottles then can be personalized with black or white  enamel inks, and slumped into a mold to be given a final desired shape.

Trays / Boards Dimensions:

small: 5-6" x 8-10"

medium: 6-7" x 10-12"

large: 8" x 12-16"

Sushi Set Dimensions:

Sushi Plates - 5.5” x 9.5”

Soy Sauce Dip Bowls - 2” x 3”